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BI Technologies - Products

Steering Sensors and Others

Steering Sensors
Technology Torque
# of Wires Connector
SX-4289 contacting 360° 6 Delphi 15336723 SX-4289
SX-4300 contacting 900° 7 Delphi 15406142 SX-4300
SX-4388 contacting - 4 Delphi 15336723 SX-4388
SX-4400 magnetic - 4 Yazaki 7122-8365 SX-4400
SX-4404 contacting 900° 7 TE 1376352-1 connector SX-4404
SX-4413 contacting - 4 Yazaki 7122-8365  
SX-4414 contacting 360 6 Yazaki 7122-8365  
SX-4417 magnetic 900° 8 Delphi 15406142 SX-4417
SX-4428 magnetic - 4 Yazaki 7122-8365 SX-4428
SX-4429 contacting - 900° 5 Yazaki 7122-8365 SX-4429
SX-4431 contacting 900° 7 TE 1376352-1 SX-4431
SX-4432 contacting - 4 TE 1376352-1 SX-4432
SX-4433 contacting 360° 6 TE 1376352-1 SX-4433

Other Sensors
Position sensor Non-Contacting Position sensor non-contacting offered in multiple output voltage profiles and angles.
Position sensor Economical position sensor with a spring return can be utilized in a variety of industrial, robotic, automotive and heavy equipment applications.
Precision custom linear sensors Precision, custom linear sensors for more rugged environments. Gold plated terminals and wire leads terminations are available. Choose from circular or rectangular housing. Electrical travel options from 0.5" to 6.0". Applications include injection molding equipment, automated production equipment, medical equipment such as CAT-Scans and MRI's.
Compact temperature sensor module Compact temperature sensor module custom designed to interface with other vehicle systems.