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BI Technologies   has been an innovator and leader in electronic components for 50 years.   We have evolved and changed, in name and in form, while retaining our innovative spirit.

BI TT electronics BI Technologies develops Magnetorque II non-contacting torque steering sensor.
Magnetorque II is ideally suited for demanding Electronic Power Systems.

BI TT electronics BI Technologies introduces a series of new non-contacting rotary position sensors offering exceptional sensing performance output for up to 100 million revolutions.
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New Products
LH3 Steering Sensor SX-4431
TT electronics BI Technologies LH3 Steering Sensor with Torque and Multi-turn Position Output.

The LH3 torque and position sensor is ideally suited for demanding Electric Power Steering systems.
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Corporation Conflict Minerals Policy
BI technologies is committed both to complying with environmental and ethical regulations and to supporting our customers in doing so. To that end, we supply data relating to material composition, RoHS compliance, Pb-free solder processing, conflict mineral content and REACH SVHC status for all our components. In addition, we recognize that our components are often selected for use in high reliability applications where conventional SnPb finish is required and where obsolescence management is a priority and information to facilitate this is also available above.

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